Bayside Lodge facebook page


Bayside Lodge facebook posts during May – we are thrilled that our “page likes” have reached 1639 with excellent engagement and reaches on many posts.  We are aiming at reaching 2000 likes and would therefore be pleased that if you have read this post and like some of the content you will go ahead and like our page.

Our posts include the following over the last week

TUESDAY NEWS POST (see photo of ringed seagull)Nature Valley Trust On Saturday we were alerted via Facebook about a Kelp Gull near the Wreck Beach in Plett that appeared to be in distress with a possible heavy entanglement. Fearing another fishing line incident, we activated the Plett Marine Animal Stranding Network to see if a rescue could be made.  It was a clam! Natural cases of “entanglements” like this do occur from time to time, and in this case there was a happy ending as Annabel saw the bird eventually shake the clam free, and escape uninjured. The bird is ringed, and thanks to Annabel’s pics were have been able to piece together the ring number- K45831 was ringed by Mark Brown and the NVT team on 12 December 2014, as a chick on the Keurbooms Peninsula gull colony


THURSDAY ACTIVITY POST (feeding and interacting with elephants at Knysna Elephant Park) I took Martha, Lucille, Amanda to visit Knysna Elephant Park this week and it was most enjoyable. Ten contented (rescued) elephants and some excellent work being done by researchers.

SATURDAY BOTSWANA POST  (this week was about a five star lodge called Shinde in the Okavango Delta)  – Nestled on a lush palm island in the heart of the northern Okavango Delta, Shinde is an intimate, classic camp located on the edge of Shinde Lagoon, which simply teems with animal and birdlife. The camps unique main area comprises a multi-tiered dining room and lounge which is set under canvas under the shade of ebony and mangosteen trees.

Finally every SUNDAY we change the COVER PHOTO or VIDEO

We love it when guests post photos on our facebook page – some of which are included in this blog post.  Video clips are also popular and the birthday clip posted last week is fun to watch!  Our Botswana posts are a look at places and people of interest after our 14 years working in lodges in Botswana situated in the most pristine and beautiful areas.  Our two rescue Daschunds Daisy and Champ love their roles in the hosting team especially when we have families to stay.  They must be the most photographed dogs in Plett!