Africa and it’s elephants in Botswana’s pristine wildlife areas

Africa and it’s elephants is a popular topic for anybody interested in these gentle giants.  This podcast came up on my facebook feed this week and it was great to hear our  colleague James Wilson, Marketing Director talking about elephants. He has a fantastic knowledge about Botswana, it’s national parks  and what Desert and Delta Safaris lodges offer in these pristine areas.

Elephants are one of the premier species of mammal in Africa, and a species that attracts a huge amount of debate amongst humans – and they are found in numbers in the Okavango Delta. Persecuted for their ivory, known as white gold, Elephant numbers have decreased alarmingly in Africa in the past three decades, with only a few places on the continent showing stable or increasing numbers. One of those places where Elephants numbers are increasing is the Okavango Delta.

“Fancy a pachyderm? We are thrilled to continue our wildlife theme this week by sitting down with my friend James Wilson, Marketing Director for Desert & Delta Safaris in Botswana, to talk about all-things elephants and why Botswana is such a perfect habitat for them! We talk about encountering these adorable giants by both boat and vehicle as well as the other prolific wildlife you can encounter across Botswana. The human-elephant wildlife cannot be responsibly ignored, so we touch on that as well. Don’t miss the Game of Thrones story either!”

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Arguably one of Africa’s best safari and wildlife destinations, Botswana offers vast tracts of unspoilt wilderness’s covering a variety of unique ecosystems, coupled with prolific wildlife encounters throughout your safari.

As one of the original safari operators in Botswana, the Desert & Delta Safaris circuit covers Botswana’s top destinations including the Chobe Riverfront and Savute Region of the Chobe National Park, the Okavango Delta, the world-renowned Moremi Game Reserve and the Boteti River on the border of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.

A complete safari circuit with Desert & Delta Safaris offers you the chance to experience the very best of Botswana.”