World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27 September

World Tourism Day

September 27th is the annual World Tourism Day, this year marking 42 years since inception. This year countries will be focusing on ‘Rethinking Tourism’, and what better way to celebrate this theme than with a trip to Africa?  The pandemic highlighted the critical need to transform the tourism industry and now we finally celebrate World Tourism Day as the global tourism economy slowly recovers.  This year it will be hosted by Bali in Indonesia.

For so many groups and travellers, this has been a pipe dream, an unobtainable destination since early 2020. Think again! Our borders are open and the last two years have allowed Southern African countries to focus on what really matters: Our culture, wildlife, and stunning natural landscapes.

Tourism Month provides a heightened month-long focus on the importance of the sector to the South African economy. It features themed activities that are aligned to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) World Tourism Day celebrations.  Tourism Month encourage South Africans to travel domestically to sustain jobs and support the recovery of tourism in line with the Tourism Sector Recovery Plan.

The Department of Tourism developed the Tourism Sector Recovery Plan with the tourism sector, and it contains a set of interventions to protect and rejuvenate supply, reignite demand and strengthen enabling capability to support the sector’s recovery.


  1. Treat a normal day like a vacation

    Today, take a step back from your normal routine and consider – If I were on vacation in my hometown, what would I do? Where would a tourist go for the day? By checking out your own turf through the eyes of a tourist, you’ll support local businesses, and you may see your town from a new perspective.

  2. Get the word out

    The key to continuous improvement in global tourism is economic stability and sustainability. Educate yourself on the best ways to see a new country, city, or village in ways that create a positive impact.

  3. Plan a trip

    If you’ve been putting off that vacation, use World Tourism Day as an opportunity to make those plans. Talk to friends and family about special challenges, either physical, financial or both, who may want to travel but have never been able to plan a trip. Together, you can help and encourage each other, following the message of the WTO that tourism is for all.



  1. It creates jobs

    All over the world, even in its most remote corners, tourism has become a dependable source of jobs. In the U.S. alone, the travel, tourism and hospitality industry supported 7.6 million jobs in 2015. This means one out of every 18 Americans is employed in tourism.

  2. It’s a cash cow

    In 2015, international tourism generated $1.5 trillion in export earnings. This can be of great benefit to smaller, underdeveloped communities. Developing a sustainable tourism ecosystem is critical for ensuring these earnings are shared amongst the community. Thanks to the work of the WTO, these areas are seeing smart tourism strategies put in place.

  3. It creates a better world

    Sure, the sight of yet another lost tourist in your hometown may induce a small groan, but the reality is that traveling and seeing unfamiliar places is good for our minds and good for our society. So, start planning your next trip!

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