New breakfast menu

Bayside has a new breakfast menu!

We are thrilled to have launched our new Bayside breakfast menu. It now also offers interesting local dishes as daily specials including boerewors bangers, milktart pancakes, ostrich mince and of course the Bayside omelette! Our guests still enjoy the usual hot dishes which includes Eggs Benedict, pancakes and French toast. This is in addition to the traditional coo ked “English” breakfast of eggs, bacon, pork sausage, mushroom and tomato on offer.

The continental breakfast buffet is often sufficient for some people as it includes cereals, oat porrige, yoghurts, juices, fresh fruit, stewed fruit, muffins, croissants, danishes, cheese and cold meats. Our Bircher muesli is a popular choice for the health conscious with oats and seeds soaked in apple juice and mixed with greek yoghurt. We do cater for special diets and can show Halaal and Kosher certificates for our dairy products and we offer plastic cutlery and paper plates. Gluten and lactose free items are available too on request. Our vegetarians are offered potato rosti and vegetarian sausages in addition to the mushrooms and tomatos. Vegans can enjoy a platter of a variety of fresh veggies, nuts and fruit. Another popular item is an espresso coffee to finish off the meal and we have over ten different types of tea to suit all tastes.

It was wonderful to put up the “full” sign last night and welcome repeat guests Hans and Winnie back at Bayside with the launch of our new menu. Our association goes back more than 15 years as they also visited us at D.D.S. lodges in Botswana and so have seen how our lives have changed! They enjoyed the Bayside omelettes served by Lucille. Our ladies Martha, Amanda and Lucille love garnishing the plates and are constantly trying out different designs! As we are a typical Bed and Breakfast it is important that our guests enjoy this start to their day and have a wide vareity of delicious foods on offer. It is also a good time to chat and discuss plans for the day as well as how the previous day went. We also make restaurant and activity bookings for our guests and update them on the weather.