Golf and birding at Plettenberg Bay Country Club

Golf and birding at Plettenberg Bay Country Club. Seniors Golf is coming back to Plett ith players such as Mark McNulty, Chris Williams, Roger Wessels, Rocky Tlhabanyani and James Kingston all likely to feature in the field, Plettenberg Bay Country Club will certainly be worth visiting from 22nd-25th October.

Because of maintenance on the greens this week, Plett Country Club was closed for golf so this made it possible for our Birding Club to walk around twitching without any fear of being hit by flying objects. The baboons did give us funny looks as we weren’t providing them with the usual entertainment of golf balls to catch and hide!

Bernie, looked quite the part of a serious twitcher with his winter beard! He saw three “lifers” during a two hour walk – grey sunbird, black saw-wing swallow and Knysna warbler. We were absolutely amazed at the beauty of this Nature Reserve / championship golf course and the fact that the club could log 52 bird sightings in a morning.
what a gorgeous way to combine golf and birding as an activity here.

The popular Golf Course walk was well attended by about 40
members being split into 3 groups. Nice sunny weather, not too hot,
made for a pleasant 2.5 hour walk, with very welcome refreshments
back at the club house. 52 species listed with a few extra specials, Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk, Little Sparrowhawk and Knysna Warbler, with many
people getting a fair sighting of the warbler and hearing a very clear
responding call back.

Birdlife Plett – Club Outing Tuesday 3 Sept 2019 – Plett Country Club
1 Greater Double-collared Sunbird 8:06
2 Amethyst Sunbird 8:09
3 Southern Double-collared Sunbird 8:15
4 Black-collared Barbet 8:25
5 Red-necked Spurfowl 8:28
6 Grey Sunbird 8:30
7 Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk 8:36
8 Knysna Turaco 8:40
9 Sombre Greenbul 8:42
10 Cape White-eye 8:43
11 Brimstone Canary 8:43
12 Kelp Gull 8:47
13 Olive Woodpecker 8:48
14 Speckled Mousebird 8:49
15 Green-backed Camaroptera 8:50
16 Common Moorhen 8:52
17 Little Rush Warbler 8:52
18 Black Saw-wing 9:04
19 Egyptian Goose 9:09
20 Reed Cormorant 9:16
21 Olive Bushshrike 9:21
22 Terrestrial Brownbul 9:28
23 Black-backed Puffback 9:32
24 Green Wood Hoopoe 9:39
25 Black-headed Oriole 9:39
26 African Sacred Ibis 9:41
27 Chorister Robin-Chat 9:51
28 Red-eyed Dove 9:51
29 Southern Fiscal 9:56
30 Fork-tailed Drongo 10:02
31 Cape Crow 10:03
32 Hadeda Ibis 10:04
33 Common Starling 10:05
34 Little Sparrowhawk 10:09
35 Cape Robin-Chat 10:13
36 Fiscal Flycatcher 10:13
37 African Dusky Flycatcher 10:14
38 Collared Sunbird 10:17
39 Knysna Warbler 10:20
40 Cape Batis 10:23
41 Brown-hooded Kingfisher 10:25
42 Bar-throated Apalis 10:26
43 White-throated Swallow 10:29
44 Cape Wagtail 10:31
45 Southern Boubou 10:33
46 Black-bellied Starling 10:33
47 Olive Thrush 10:35
48 Cape Weaver 10:38
49 Common Waxbill 10:41
50 Western Osprey 10:43
51 Helmeted Guineafowl 10:46
52 Pied Crow 10:50

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SA Senior Open heads into 3rd year at Plettenberg Bay Country Club
Date: August 30, 2019 | Posted in Garden Route News | Knysna Plett Herald | News | Plettenberg Bay News
The Sunshine Senior Tour (SST) officially announced on the 28th of August that the South African Senior Open will once again head to the Bitou region to be hosted at Plettenberg Bay Country Club from 22-25 October 2019.
SST Chief Operations Officer, Neville Clarke, described his delight at the continued support from the Bitou Municipality, “We are very happy to once again have the Bitou Municipality hosting us in this beautiful region and on this great golf course. The event has become the highlight of the SST calendar and we cannot wait for it to start.”

The SA Senior Open features 4 days of competition for the 60 Senior Professionals, but contrary to many other tournaments, the first two days of competing are played as Pro-Ams with 2 Professionals and 2 amateurs in a 4-ball. The first day of the Pro-Am will be the annual Mayoral Golf Day and seeks to raise funds for the upliftment of the Bitou community, while the second day is played to raise funds for the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) to support their conservation efforts.

After the first two days, the pro’s then step up the intensity as it heads into the business end of the competition and they complete the final two rounds in a bid to be crowned SA Senior Open champion and usurp two-time defending champion in Plett, Mark McNulty.

Mayor Lobese explained the importance of this event to the Bitou region, “We are an area that thrives on tourism and this competition not only brings in a large number of visitors to our region for a week but also generates significant exposure both locally and internationally about all we have to offer in the region.

It is not only tourism that benefits, however, with the event serving as a great fundraiser for us towards our community and uplifting them as well as protecting our wildlife through the assistance of the Endangered Wildlife Trust.”

With players such as Mark McNulty, Chris Williams, Roger Wessels, Rocky Tlhabanyani and James Kingston all likely to feature in the field, Plettenberg Bay Country Club will certainly be worth visiting from 22nd-25th October.

About the Sunshine Senior Tour
The newly branded Sunshine Senior Tour, has resulted between a partnership with the SA Senior Tour and the Sunshine Tour, under a license agreement for professional members aged 50 and older in South Africa. The tour structure aims to provide a competitive tournament schedule to accommodate the membership and grow senior professional golf in SA.

In 2017, a partnership was formed with the Endangered Wildlife Trust in which a percentage of the total prize fund is donated to support the conservation efforts in the region a tournament is held.