Plett life in lockdown now into seventh week and the novelty of staying home is wearing off

level 4 lockdown
level 4 lockdown
Tourism recovery  phases
Tourism recovery phases

12 May 2020

So Plett life in lockdown is now into it’s seventh week and the novelty of staying home is wearing off. Winter is upon us which means cold dark mornings for the alloted time for exercise within a 5km radius outside our homes between 6am and 9am.  Plett appears to be ready for the pandemic and we still sit at 5 cases of which all have recovered.  This is good news but also frustrating as the forecasts for our “Covid19 peak” are being expected to take place later and later  in the year as we sit at lvel 4 indefinitely. We gather we will only be able to open at level 1 which might only be towards the end of this year or early 2021.

The sentiment for South African Tourism’s survival  is very worrying especially if our borders are to remain closed until the end of the year and international flights are unable to commence.  We hope for some domestic bookings over December if our lockdown rules permit inter-provincial travel. It is obvious that our international guests however will not be willing to travel long haul until there is a vaccine available.

The Bayside rescue daschunds made the local paper last week with the photo of them at Robberg car park and another photo is included of the South African National Defence force camping at our local rugby field as they assist with maintaining lockdown regulations.   Plett life during lockdown feels safe and we are very fortunate to have such beautiful places to walk around each day.

We are having weekly barbecues in our driveway at the same time as our neighbours opposite us and that provides for some much needed contact whilst adhering to social distancing rules.  The super moon last week was a gorgeous event but people are saying this moon has contributed to the negative sentiments and energy around us.  I am trying to learn as much as I can about social media and am posting daily on Instagram, Twitter and facebook in the hope that our followers know we are around and going to survive!  Plett life is not so bad after all and every day we count our blessings!

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